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Quality Program

Excellent quality remains an ongoing strength of Tonawanda Coke Corporation, as "Quality through Consistency" remains our commitment to the customer. Through Q1, QS-9000 and currently ISO 9001, Tonawanda Coke's quality program has been successfully validated time and time again, enhancing the company's reputation as a dedicated and reliable foundry coke producer.

Our employees are committed to strive for continuous improvement in product quality and customer service. On January 24, 2002, Tonawanda Coke earned QS-9000 registration, and in May 2018, Tonawanda Coke successfully

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transitioned to the ISO 9001:2015 quality system by attaining unconditional approval.

Tonawanda Coke's accredited quality system positively enhances our ability to consistently provide the customer with a product and services among the highest standards in the industry.

The ISO quality system not only enables us to provide the automotive industry with a superior product, but also confirms our status as a reliable and respected supplier to many other sectors of the manufacturing world for many years to come.


Product Quality

Tonawanda Coke customers expect - and get - a high performance coke product. By utilizing the latest technology, our laboratory technicians analyze raw materials for the critical properties of ash, sulfur and fluidity. These test results dictate the precision blends that yield the highest-caliber coke product.


Unless the customer makes a specific size request, our coke is typically separated into a variety of sizes, with 6x9 inches, 4x9 inches, 4x6 inches, 2x4 inches & 1x2 inches being the most common.

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